Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 37 - Bad Days and Good Days at Work

          More pain. Yuck. I’m getting tired of this. I went back to the urologist today. He found some infection and prescribed Cipro. That’s the antibiotic that was all over the news during the anthrax scare several years ago—poor schmucks opening letters at their offices, and getting dusted with weaponized anthrax. Some people have worse days at work than others.
Other than the infection everything looked pretty good. The doctor was pretty proud of himself for getting rid of all my stones with lithotripsies. Apparently lithotripsy isn’t the generally accepted treatment regimen for 14 large kidney stones distributed throughout both kidneys. I don’t know at this point whether or not I wish I had known that before we started. Now I don’t know if the doctor is way smarter than your average urologist or just way luckier. Either way I guess it worked out okay for me—except for the pain and suffering of course. The pain and suffering is making me less of a fan of the doctor’s than I might otherwise be.
          Winding up our appointment with a big grin he said to me, “You know if they’d showed me a picture of your kidneys during my board exams and asked me what I thought should be done, and I’d said ‘lithotripsy’ they would have sent me home to study the text books some more. They would have told to come back and try again later.”
          Some people have better days at work than others.

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