Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday Madness

So it's been over a month since my last post here and that was a recipe for meatloaf, which let's face it, is kind of like cheating - unless you tried the meatloaf, of course, in which case you should be impressed enough with my kitchen skills to cut me some slack on the regularity of my blog posts.

Truth is I've been busy - something I never thought I would hear myself say again since I don't really have anything to do anymore except tinker, which by definition, is on my own terms and according to my own schedule, a flexible thing these days - certainly more flexible than I am in my advancing old age.

I did an art show in mid December at my sister-in-law's place in Deland, FL. I set up a tent in her back yard and displayed most of my stuff, hoping to sell some of it to the more discerning locals.

I actually did move a few pieces. That much was gratifying, although I didn't move nearly enough to justify the back-breaking effort required to load all that stuff up in a rented trailer and haul it 150 miles, then repack it and haul it all back.

There is a reason I never want to move again, and it's the very same reason that I really don't want to do another art show unless I can get a minion or two to do all the freaking work. Sitting in a director's chair in a tent and talking to people about my work is actually quite pleasant. Getting that work out on display so I can talk about it . . . not so much.

I did some more cooking over the holidays. My Christmas culinary triumph was bacon brittle. That's right, B A C O N  B R I T T L E. The name says everything you need to know about it except how to make it. That will remain my little secret . . . unless you buy my book. If you buy my book and send me an email telling me how much you enjoyed it (or didn't - I'm not particular in that regard) I will send you the recipe. If you put a good review up on Amazon or Smashwords or Goodreads, I will come over to your house and love on you. I realize that may not be a great incentive, but I'll be just that happy. I might even bring food.

Bulletnose: 24" x 36' x 1.5" gallery wrap canvas print