Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 14 - Exit Strategies

          I told Bill that I am going to take Thursday and Friday off this week—Thursday because I have an interview, and Friday because I am having some of my kidney stones blown up. He did a little double take over the interview news. Suddenly it’s feasible that I will get a job before they get my replacement hired. Then I will be unavailable for the all-important transition, and the new guy will have a terrible time settling himself into our recalcitrant and user-antagonizing systems.
The interview is going to be over the phone, so things with the aerospace firm haven not actually progressed to the point where I’m excited yet. I wasn’t about to tell Bill that though. Better to let him stew a little.
          Bill stopped by my office in the afternoon with a new draft of the severance agreement. I guess the prospect of my taking another job this soon got them rattled enough to speed up the severance deal anyway. Bill tried to get me to sign it while he was waiting. I told him I’d like to read it first. I asked him if I still had seven days from the new date in which to sign. I knew that I did, but I also knew he wasn’t going to relish hearing the question while he was busy trying to get me to sign it blind. I wondered secretly if, because I was deliberately trying to make him uncomfortable with his choices, I might also be a jerk. I decided that I was not. Bill said that they have made an offer to another candidate for my job, and they expect an answer today or tomorrow. I asked when the guy was likely to start. Bill didn’t know.
          “Soon, I hope,” he said, shaking his head. “Soon.

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