Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 19 - Back to Work

          I went back to work today. I’m feeling good. There have been no ill effects from the lithotripsy Friday.
Bill told me that my replacement starts next Monday. That will be the 1st of the month so we’ll be jumping right into the month-end closing routines—baptism by fire for the new guy. I hope he’s a fast learner.
I went to the urologist this afternoon for a follow up. They did another x-ray. It sure seems like I’m getting a lot of those. Anyway, everything looked good, so the doctor decided that he will do the second lithotripsy this Friday. That’s quick turnaround, but he’s so pleased with the amount of sand I’ve passed already that he thinks I’ll tolerate the accelerated schedule. That’s okay by me. I’ll be happy to have all the doctoring over with so I can concentrate on getting another job.

Job prospects in general remain dim, but hope exists for those willing to risk a creative career change.

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