Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 32 - Closing a Chapter

          Gary and I finished up the closing early today. I showed Gary where all the reports reside on the computer and how to access and update them. We even reconciled the borrowing base and submitted that to corporate three days early. I left at lunch time, happy to be shed of the place at last.
I’m anxious to get on with my life now. The last few weeks, winding down an already closed chapter, have been like wasted time to me. If I hadn’t been sick and drugged most of the time it would have been even more frustrating than it was. I shook Bill’s hand on my way out. It seemed like a mature thing to do at the time, but I didn’t feel any more mature for having done it. I wonder how Bill felt about it. We’ve actually been through quite a bit together in the relatively short time we’ve been associated. I thought we had a pretty good rapport right up until the end, when Bill decided to reveal his truer nature. I wonder if he really will miss me, or, in his alternative universe, if he’s told Threasher that he’d like to snatch me out of my car at a stop light and beat the crap out of me.
          My physical condition has improved modestly throughout the week. My fever is all but gone, and the pain is bearable without medication. I’ve got another lithotripsy next week—hopefully the last one. By the end of the month I should be feeling great and ready to tackle the job hunt with the energy it requires. At that point I’ll only have three months of severance left. It seems like plenty, but the economy is tanking all around me. Every day the news is full of economic woes of mind-boggling proportion. That can’t bode well for my prospects.

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