Tuesday, March 15, 2011

eBook Launch and Fabulous Giveaway

Covers don't have to be shaped like books anymore because books no longer have shapes!

My new eBook is now up at Amazon. I'm sparing the trees, so it will not be available - at least for a while - in print. Instead you download the book and read it on your eBook reader or computer. If you don't have a Kindle reader, you can get one that works on your PC (or Mac or whatever) for FREE from Amazon.

The eBook is titled Buses & Bears, Bullets & Stones. To buy it click on the title, or here. It is a collection of 5 short stories. It will cost 99 cents of your hard-earned money. If your money was easy to come by, the book is still just 99 cents. I don't discriminate. It will be delivered to you electronically and immediately. This is a very cool thing, I think - good for the forests and good for your gratification bone.

The stories themselves are a mixed bag of my best fiction. They are alternately funny, poignant, quirky, magical, and maybe a little scary. Not too scary though. I'm not a big fan of the scary, not since I jumped into my first date's lap at the drive-in movies when Joan Crawford swung that ax and made her charm bracelet sing in Straightjacket. Clinking jewelry still makes me cringe.

You will read:

In which inveterate stoner, Sonny Crooks, can't seem to escape his dad's legacy - not even in a million dollar motor home.


Some people, they get something nice and luxurious, they feel compelled to show it to everyone they know. John Tinley longs for a sanguine escape from the office show and tell.

Two young Vietnam vets sort out their experiences in a trailer park on Galveston Bay. Bullets fly. Whiskey is murdered.

Merle Stinson needs to get her husband to stop cheating on her. Brigid Clooney, thin and knobby as a shillelagh, wants to help. Turns out you get what you pay for.

To celebrate this momentous release, and to generate some buzz, I am offering a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY. You could call it a bribe. I don't care. I've been unemployed a long time now. I have no shame left. Here's the deal:

  • buy the book
  • post a review on Amazon. it doesn't even have to be a positive review. pan my book if you must, although it would be better for me if you give me something constructive to work with. you can still win a prize!
  • the first five reviews posted to Amazon will get a prize: YOUR CHOICE OF ANY PHOTO OR ARTWORK ON THIS BLOG. I will mail you an 8x12 inch print of the picture of your choice on either photo metallic paper or 140 lb water color paper, mounted, double matted, signed, and sleeved.
  • all you have to do is make the first five, e-mail me your address and let me know which picture you want.
  • I sell these things for $35 on Etsy. the materials alone cost me 7 times what I'm charging for the book. I call this a great deal. I hope you'll agree.
  • I also hope you enjoy the stories because this is what I want to do when I grow up, and I'm already working on the next one. it's called Uncle Speed and the Tuner Punks. a middle-aged financial consultant mixes it up with a bunch of teen-aged import car enthusiasts and the local mob, steals their women, gets cross-wise with an enforcer from a Mexican drug cartel, and proves he'll risk just about anything to escape boredom.

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