Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Work in Process

After nearly three years of this I am beyond expecting anyone to respond, but...

I have two stories percolating that I intend to expand into full-length novels. The first has to do with triumph and failure in business. It contains a cast of bad actors patterned after the fools, thieves, pirates, and charlatans that I have been associated with in my previous life as an accountant and financial executive. The themes are basically that success in business is more about luck and timing than it is about actual managerial skill, and that the more success one has by dint of good fortune, the more likely one is to believe that the success is due to one's native intelligence and acumen. You can get the gist of it by reading my early blog entries that detailed my work experience prior to being thrown out on my ass after 30 plus years of loyal and conscientious service.

The second story is more romantic and altruistic. It deals with a young man who is so moved by a single smile in his youth that he spends a lifetime searching for and hoping to find the young woman who gave it. As you can probably imagine, this is no easy task, a perfect, fleeting smile being as ethereal and elusive as the Holy Grail. Many obstacles will present themselves. Much time will pass. Eventually he will realize that, even if he were to find it, he could never be certain it was the smile that moved him in the first place. This story will be more difficult to tell, I think, but more satisfying to write. I may not be ready for it yet. I don't know.

What do you think? Which one should I attempt next? I'm going to do them both eventually, but I need to know which one to start. Which one tickles your fancy?

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  1. The 2nd one. Make it yesterday, maybe further into the past to fuel the imagination but obtainable and yet full of obstacles, challenges, a matter of fire burning, unreasonable, as loving can be without reason and no control, just spontaneous. It wasn't the smile. It was perfect love. No boring love, waiting and planning a large, expensive, family-feuding wedding. Excitement! In the end, a perfect love, one you searched for after you simply saw a smile from a passing, destiny. You know, you're the writer. Your 1st idea may be an expression of bitter disappointment no business man or any man wants a experience.


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