Thursday, April 7, 2011

Monetizing Mediocrity

One way or another, I think, most of us are trying to find an audience for our ideas. We may have different motivations, but we are striving for the same thing—someone to listen to what we have to say. Some of us want validation, reinforcement of our own self-concept, evidence that we are not as crazy as we sometimes fear. Some of us want love. Some laughter. Some of us want adulation, fame, or respect. And some of us want to get paid for distributing thoughts that are some combination of useful, provocative, beautiful, entertaining, or cool. Some of us, like me, want all these things at once in varying degrees.
There ought to be an App for that—something where you don't really have to work at it, you just tap a button on your smart phone and you get all the audience you could want. The icon would probably look something like this.


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