Friday, May 4, 2012

Tales of Woe on Multiple Fronts

Sounding the Alarm

  1. Craig's List ads chronicle the desperation of out-of-work construction workers:
  2. Romney embraces the Ryan budget proposals. First victims to be the aged who will see their out-of-pocket medical costs soar as a result.
  3. Koch Brothers donate $68million to Deerfield Academy (and tout their largesse as a good reason they shouldn't pay more taxes) to incubate more right-wing, freeloading despoiler creeps like themselves.
  4. Unemployment numbers, while they appear to be improving, are increasingly skewed because they ignore people who have fallen off the rolls and are no longer looking for work. Actual unemployment is getting worse, way worse, not better.
  5. Spirit Airlines CEO says dying ex-Marine should have  bought insurance. Industry observers say Spirit has a 'history of cruelty' to its passengers. Still, its the airline's right...right? This is why I cringe whenever some conservative dweeb like Romney announces that government should be run more like a business.
  6. Race is still a deciding issue for some voters. Come on. It's 2012 for crying out loud. There are plenty of real issues dividing the candidates. This shouldn't be one of them.  
None of this is helping my depression very much. How about yours?

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