Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hiatus - from the Latin for 'Save My Ass'

The Internet is in a sorry state. Strident liberals are calling Republicans nasty names, and insisting that conservatives want to control the nation's vaginas. Self-righteous conservatives are trying to characterize an honest difference of opinion on the morality of reproductive choices as a war on religion. With everyone focused on creating memorable sound bites to advance their cause, no one seems interested in the kind of civil discourse that could actually move us forward.

Obviously the nation needs me right now to set things straight. It's time for another of my long-winded posts. You know the type. You find they get tedious by the third paragraph, and your attention begins to flag. You skip to the end to see if I've made my point in summary so you don't have to read through all the boring folderol. You know you're going to get tired before I've come down firmly on one side or the other, determined as I am to give fair treatment to all sides. Eventually you just say to the screen, "Whatever..." and click over to Farmville or Words with Friends. I need to write one of 'those'.

Unfortunately I can't do that just now. I'm busy getting ready for a craft show in Orlando in a couple of weeks time. I've got photos to shop, prints to make, packages to assemble and displays to build. When it's over, with any luck, I'll also have money to count. Best not get ahead of myself though.

So I'm going to have to put off saving the world for a few weeks. I'm busy trying to save my financial ass, my self worth, and my sanity. I hope you understand.

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