Monday, December 19, 2011

Gangsta Whips

I have gangstas (well gangsta wannabes) for neighbors. They installed a new speaker system in one of their big wheel whips today. When they tested it, the dogs went wild, the windows rattled, the walls shook, and the drop lights commenced to swinging. I'm trying to recoup my losses by selling these guys pictures of their rides. Samples below:

I figure when you spring for rims like these you're prolly 'all in.' It lightens the load in your wallet, making your pants easier to hold up, which of course you have to do continuously since the belt line is properly worn below your crotch so that the too-long cuffs pool luxuriously around your Lugz making it all but impossible to run away from the police.

I call this one Luna-Cee because, well, wouldn't you?

None of these guys seem to have any money, but as soon as they get some they are going to spend it on something ridiculous. Maybe on pants that don't fit. Maybe on illicit pharmaceuticals. Maybe on 9 millimeter Glocks. And maybe they'll just take it down to the local 'gentlemen's club and stuff it into some lucky dancer's garter. But maybe, just maybe, they'll spend some of it on funky pictures of their cars. I can only hope.

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