Sunday, March 7, 2010

Float Trip

Let's take a break from the aimlessness of joblessness, and explore the roots of aimlessness as the philosophy of peace. For your consideration: a poem I wrote for my wife on the occasion of our 11th wedding anniversary in 1994.


Me and my China Doll
bob and turn on the flood,
adrift on the float trip of our lives.
abused by storms,
shunted by currents,
scorched by the heat of our ambition
in strange places far from what we dreamed.
we stop at marvels and beauty,
explore together where we may land,
rejoice in the kisses of angels,
which we share like candies,
gorging our grins.
we are one
and we know
we cannot be sunk.

(c) 1994 Jonah Gibson

It would seem that I already knew then what I'm learning now, but didn't know what I knew. Aimlessness in its seminal form. 

Exciting new developments in aimlessness coming soon. Look for:
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  • the aimless martini

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